Maximising your company’s
potential through the
power of data

Empowering industry with the tools
needed to transform data into insights

As a Microsoft Partner we specialise in the following client based solutions:

MS Power BI

Data Visualisation
to create powerful Analytics

MS Power Automate

Automations to run manual
operations more efficiently

MS Power Apps

Custom Applications
to simplify tasks

MS Azure

Data Warehousing to
centralise your data

Data Management Applications

We use the above Microsoft tools to develop data management applications.

Interactive Dashboards

We use Microsoft Power BI to build and embed immersive dashboards that showcase your data through compelling visuals. Take advantage of dynamic filters that empower you to explore and delve deep into the information presented.

Custom Departments

Built with Microsoft Azure and tailored to each client’s needs, every Data Management Portal comprises multiple divisions/departments, carefully customized to meet specific requirements.

Digital Forms

Our Digital Forms eliminate the reliance on Excel files by providing a seamless solution for data entry and storage. With user-friendly download/ upload features that seamlessly integrate with Excel, you can directly input and store data in a single centralized portal.

User-specific security settings

We rely on cutting-edge Microsoft technology to prioritize and reinforce top-level security measures by customizing user-specific security settings for each profile, thereby ensuring unparalleled data protection at the highest level.

Automated Management Reports

Using Microsoft Power Automate we create autogenerated reports such as:

  • Share price to commodity price comparison.
  • Summaries per month of various process/
    exploration outputs.
  • HSE information about any incidents that
    occurred in the reporting period.

Automated Weekly Reports

Autogenerated reports displaying everything

  • Health and Safety
  • Mining Department
  • Grade Control and
    Processing Department.

Data Warehouse

All data is securely managed and aggregated within a data warehouse in Microsoft Azure.

End to End Business Intelligence

Dataloop specializes in developing complex Power BI dashboards. Our team has extensive experience dealing with Power BI and datasets of varying complexity.

Depending on the data type and reporting requirements, we ensure each dashboard is developed to be optimised from both a performance and loading speed perspective, as well as visually appealing and impactful – telling a clear story.

While it’s easy to learn Power BI, it takes experience to develop an optimised and well-structured set of dashboards.


In order to optimise dashboard performance and load speeds, Power BI relies on a set of best practises, some of which include:

  • Use of a central data model, to which groups of dashboards are connected
  • Aggregation of certain variables in source database, prior to loading into Power BI
  • Use of a star-schema for dim and fact tables
  • Optimised Mquery and DAX calculations

Dataloop develops all Power BI dashboards with best practises in mind.

Data Warehousing

We offer a seamless and integrated data warehousing environment that enables organizations to centralize, organize, and optimize their data. We empower our clients with reliable and accurate data, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning. With our excellent data warehousing services, businesses gain the ability to unlock valuable insights, drive growth, and stay ahead in today’s data-driven landscape.

Our Clients

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Dataloop. As a business we understood how important data capturing and analysis was, and had a vision for how this could be implemented. Dataloop was able to quickly grasp our specific requirements, and bring a system to life which ticks all the boxes – we look forward to continuing our relationship with Dataloop in the future.”

Ashton Drummond – Chief Strategy Officer at Nafasi Water